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Puppy behavior is where it all starts. The things you expose a puppy to or don't expose a puppy to will impact the dog for it's whole life. If you get your fur kid as a puppy it is important to socialize your puppy with all types of humans and of different ages. Expose a puppy to numerous different noises to avoid fears of thunderstorms, fireworks, children, men in hats, etc. Stopping jumping and barking when dogs are puppies is quicker then when they are 7 years old. Reshaping the behavior at 7 years old can be done, it just takes longer. Just remember that little bundle of fuzz is cute when he jumps on you now, but imagine him at 70 pounds and stop the behavior now.

Dog Behavior

Dog behavior is the #1 reason dogs are given up to shelters and rescue groups.

Dog behavior is the #1 reason dogs are given up to shelters and rescue groups. Typical reasons given for why someone is giving their dog up can include the dog barks uncontrollably, the dog has bitten, the house has been chewed up by the dog, and the list goes on. Primarily most of the reasons given could have been prevented with training and behavior modification. Our passion is to keep dogs in their homes through understanding and training of both canine and human.

Every group needs a leader. Families need parents to be guides, classrooms need teachers, and companies need bosses. If you don’t have a leader then you have chaos.  The same is true when you bring a dog into the family. Being a pack animal they crave calm, consistent, and confident leadership If leadership is not present in your pack then your dog will try to take the leadership role because a pack has to have a leader.  


Leadership is not about being a bully. Think of leadership more in the way you would think about trust. For instance, your dog barks that someone new is coming into the house. You ask your dog to stop barking with a word like quiet. If you have not been a calm, consistent, and confident leader then your dog does not trust that you know what you are talking about. Therefore he keeps on barking.


Through behavior training we teach you how to be a calm, consistent, and confident leader. We teach you about common misconceptions dog parents have and how that can lead to unwanted behaviors. We teach you how to communicate in a way that your dog understands without the need for pinch collars, rolled up newspapers, or hitting.

Dog Behavior Starts with Leadership

There are almost 5 million dog bites per year; children are the main victims. Dog bites cause losses of over $1 billion a year. (a)

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Common Dog Behavior Problems

Common dog behavior problems are caused for a variety of reasons. Some behavior problems are caused by lack of mental and physical exercise. Other dog behavior issues stem from lack of socialization and desensitization during the critical stages when a dog was a puppy. A few behaviors are caused by miscommunication between the dog and parent. Dog parents accidently send mixed messages and cause the problem behavior they want help fixing. Here at Dog Authority we can help you with all kinds of behavior issues. Give us a call today!

Puppy Behavior

Dog Behavior Myth

Waiting to train a puppy until it has had all of it's shots is a a behavior myth to bust. If you wait until then to socialize a puppy and give her valuable experiences, you will have missed a VERY important period that affects the rest of her life. 6 week to 12 weeks of age is the critical behavior training period.

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