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Dog Training

Dog training in your home and around your schedule.

Dog training in your home around your schedule is what we do. Everyone has busy lives and sometimes trying to figure out when and how to dog train is complicated. Our job is to show you how to train your dog by incorporating it into your schedule. It’s part of what we call whole dog training. At our first session we ask numerous questions about what problems you are having or trying to prevent with your dog and get specifics about your daily life. We are experts at helping you figure out how to fit dog training in, how often to train your dog, and most importantly have a much more balanced relationship with your dog.


Our training method is considered positive reinforcement dog training. We do not believe in hitting or spanking dogs. We use standard collars and harnesses along with a standard leash. We use dog treats as incentive and rewards and show you how to transition to physical and verbal praise as the reward for good dog behavior. Besides basic dog training commands and hand signals we believe in using dog tricks and doggie games as part of our training. Kids especially love the dog tricks and we believe it helps dogs and kids have a stronger bond. Our dog training method incorporates the whole family. It doesn’t do any good if your dog only listens to one person. We will show you how to build good relationships between the kids and the dog and the adults and the dog.

We Love Dogs

We love dogs; shelter dogs, rescue dogs, deaf dogs, or blind dogs, no matter the breed or mix we are here to help. Dogs have personalities and entertain us to no end. We will help you understand your dog, their needs, and the best communication method for them. Our goal is to bring balance so you and your family can have the best possible relationship with your dog.

Dog nose prints are as unique as human finger prints and can be used to identify them.

Did You Know?

Newborn Baby and Dog

Newborn baby and dog can be an easy introduction if you have prepared your dog before baby's arrival. A newborn is a big change to your family, let us help you prepare your dog and yourself for how to handle your dog and newborn together. Click here for more information.

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Dog Training Tricks

Dog training tricks are a great way to exercise your dog mentally. Many breeds were bred to work for hours a day which challenged dogs mentally and physically. Now days most dog parents struggle to meet the mental exercise dogs crave. One way to help exercise your dog's brain is to teach tricks.


The key to teaching dog tricks is to start with tricks that your dog is already a natural at. For instance if your dog is paw oriented than teaching shake, high five, and give me five will be successful. If you dog naturally spins in a circle when you fetch or get home from work, then teaching spin as a trick will be a great place to start. Not every dog will do all tricks. Keep working at the tricks your dog seems to enjoy and the ones he refuses to do just let be.

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