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Prepare for Baby

Prepare for Baby by preparing your dog for Baby's arrival.

Prepare for Baby - Dog Kissing Baby

Prepare for Baby by preparing your dog for Baby's arrival. Often times, dogs are our first babies and are treated as such. However when a human baby arrives the fur baby can feel stressed and left out. Many dogs are given up to the shelter or local humane society because they snapped at the baby or started chewing up the house. Dog parents thought the dog "turned" when in reality, they had not prepared the dog or themselves for the dog with new baby.


Everyone dreams of the family with kids and dogs playing together and hanging out like best buds. Reality is it takes training and work to make that dream come true. Newborn baby and dogs can get along just fine with some prep before the baby comes.

Prepare Your Dog for Baby

Prepare your dog for baby and yourself for having your dog and newborn together. So many changes are happening while you prepare for your baby to arrive. The earlier you start to prepare your dog as well as yourself the better and smoother things will go. Don't fall victim of thinking all you have to do is bring home a blanket that smells like baby and all will be perfect. There are a lot of things to think about in regards to what your dog is allowed to do now versus what he/she may not be allowed to do when baby is in the house. Plus your dogs needs for physical and mental exercise does not change just because a baby is in the picture. You might want to believe you are super parents and can do it all, but the fact is you might be exhausted and need to have help with your dog the first few weeks. Our prepare your dog for baby course will have you saying, "oh I hadn't even thought about that'. When you are done with the course you will have the tools to prepare your dog for baby's arrival and to prepare yourself for the smoothest possible dog and baby bond.

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Prepare Your Dog for Baby Course

Our Prepare Your Dog for Baby Course can be done in your home on an individual basis or if there is a group interested in the course we can teach it that way as well. Businesses have offered this course to employees, great for churches, OBGYN offices, or a group of soon to be moms. Call us today to set up an appointment.

Prepare Your Dog for Baby Course Makes a Great Gift!